Friendly, Affordable WordPress Maintenance from a Team You Trust.

Our experts can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website. Our maintenance plans include unlimited website changes and revisions, managed web hosting, website and plugin updates, full security, and 24/7 expert support.

24/7 Expert Monitoring

We can promise 99.99% uptime and fast fixes of any issue We fix all WordPress issues and make your site run well.


All websites we host have an SSL certificate included to keep your website secure for you and your customers.

Fast Website

A fast website is essential to your business & keeping your website up to date ensures deliverability to your customers.

WordPress has themes and Plugins that need to be updated and secured

There has been a critical error on your website

The white screen of death is exactly what it sounds like: a blank, featureless screen. Occasionally, it might display an error message

Internal server error

These 500 errors can be rather puzzling. You’re rarely given any information other than the title: all you know is that your server has crashed.

Memory limit error

Memory limit errors can be traced to your hosting provider. Depending on your plan, you’re normally allotted a certain amount of server memory. If you exceed this limit, you’ll see this error.

Images not working

Occasionally, WordPress images will fail to display. If your media library looks has blank grey boxes, you’re probably dealing with broken media files

Error establishing database connection

Your WordPress site needs to connect with the MySQL database in order to work properly. However, if something goes wrong during that process, you’ll likely see this

Exceeded maximum upload file size

Your WordPress site has a unique upload limit that is determined by several factors. If you try to upload a file that exceeds this limit, you’ll get an error message.

We believe you deserve a website that is updated, error free and always working

For the past 15 year we have been keeping businesses online

We understand that your website adds credibility and essential to your business.

You can trust us with your WordPress maintenance because our team of experts have experienced every WordPress issue under the sun

WordPress Maintenance

3 Simple Steps to a Fast & Secure Website

Sign up online then let us go to work for your. We will provide you a report of all the actions our team took to maintain & improve your website.

1. Choose your plan

You’re in control, choose you plan. We have plans that range from single fixies to unlimited plans.

2. We go to work for you

We will complete an evaluation of your website & provide a detailed report of all the actions completed.

3. Fast & Secure Website

Once updates and optimizations are completed you’ll be left with a fast and secure website. 

Our promise to you is to a fast and secure website guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with our service that we provide you can simply cancel at any time. We do not hold you to long contracts

Our pricing

One-off Task


One-off tasks that can includes fixed a website that has been hacked.

Complete Plan

$199.99 monthly

This is the most inclusive plan as you get a web expert for only $99.99 per month.

Basic Plan

$149.99 monthly

This monthly plan will keep your website up to date and problem free.