😍 Branded social media posts, starting at $198.87

We take care of your social media posts for a flat monthly price. Quality content, posted monthly to your channels. Cancel, downgrade or upgrade anytime.

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We Create And Post Beautiful Content

Use a clear and attention-grabbing short paragraph to engage your audience and draw them into reading the rest of your content.

🌏 Made by Experts

Our team of experts creates your content. We have +100 people, all over the world.

😌 Done-For-You

You don’t have to do anything. We create content from scratch. You can review it in 5 minutes, once a month.

🎨 Beautiful Designs

We create beautiful designs in your branding, with your logo, fonts and colors. You’ll love it.

💻 Six20AM Dashboard

View and edit your Schedult content calendar, view reports or schedule extra content yourself.

🔍 Stay in Control

You can submit feedback, content ideas and promotions you’re running. We incorporate it in your content.

📄 Cancel Anytime

Cancel, downgrade or upgrade at any time during your subscription. We’re no fan of contracts either.

📆 It Takes You 3 Minutes Per Month

We send you new content every month, well-researched and beautiful as ever. We’re not your typical marketing agency. No moodboards, no weekly calls and no high costs. Schedult is your modern solution for social media content.

🔍 Stay In Control

You can submit feedback, upload new materials to use and request revisions. We’ve made Schedult to be completely done-for-you, but you can always stay on top of it.

💻 Your Dashboard

Your Six20AM dashboard is your playground. All the content we make will be scheduled there. You can always submit feedback. We incorporate it in your next batch. Easy as 1..2..3.

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It’s that simple. Sit back and.. focus on other stuff. We’ve got your social media covered.

💭 We brainstorm about your content strategy.

🕵️ Every piece of content is well-researched.

✍️ We write engaging captions with fitting hashtags.

⚡ Designs include your logo, colors, and the right font.

📣 Product Features

We bring your unique features and product/service offerings to social media.

🤔 Trivia

Did you know the largest candybar weighs 300kg? Easy, engaging content for socials.

📝 Industry Insights

We research reports and articles in your industry to create interesting content.

⭐ Customer Reviews

We bring testimonials to your socials. Social proof is key and customers love it.

🗨️ Quotes

Quotes by famous people in your industry, your customers, employees or yourself.

📊 Industry Statistics

Much like ‘Industry Insights’, only focused on statistics, easier to read for your followers.

📰 Industry News

We stay up to date with the space around you to post the news that’s relevant.

✍️ Blogposts

Bringing your blogposts to social media again is key to deliver value to visitors.


👇 Here’s Some of Our Work

Consider using this if you need to provide more context on why you do what you do. Be engaging. Focus on delivering value to your visitors.

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A Process To Make Your Life Easier

Consider using this if you need to provide more context on why you do what you do. Be engaging. Focus on delivering value to your visitors.

1️⃣ Free Trial

We get to know you, and your business. Answer a few questions, upload your logo and link your social media.

2️⃣ Review Content

You receive trial content within 3 working days. Tell us what you like, didn’t like or don’t tell us anything.

3️⃣ Monthly Process

We schedule new content monthly, 3 days before your last post goes out.

4️⃣ Your Dashboard

Login anytime to edit, check or add more posts yourself. Schedult is your social media playground.

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🛠️ Content For All Industries

We have clients in all sorts of industries. Whether you’re in blockchain, IT security, consulting or e-learning, we make great content.

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